Saturday, July 5, 2008

Unholy Domain reviewed by TCM Reviews

Reviewed by Dr. Tami Brady

Ray Brown was the world’s most infamous person. To the world, he was the monster that created PeaceMaker, a lethal virus like none before. To those who worked with him, Ray was a genius who shifted between extreme brilliance and intense darkness. To his family, he was simply an absentee father.

But who was the real Ray Brown? Ray’s son David has lived his life paying for his father’s inheritance. David receives a mysterious email about the true creator of PeaceMaker, supposed sent from his father years before. Not really knowing if he believes his father’s innocence, he seeks to find out more about this man. However, while David is opening doors to the past, someone is closely watching his actions, making sure that he doesn’t stumble upon the truth.

It took a few chapters for me to really get into Unholy Domain. First, I had to figure out who was who in a somewhat large and complex cast of characters. It was once I started to zero in on David’s portion of the story that I began to settle into reading. Then, the rest fell into place.

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