Friday, June 6, 2008

Midwest Book Review: Unholy Domain is "a tale from out of our worst nightmares"

Unholy Domain takes place in the near future. It's an exciting and sometimes alarming story where technology and religion clash and fight it out to the death.

The religion is fundamentalist in nature with the freedom of owning a gun one of its precepts. They view all technology as works of the devil and work hard to destroy their enemies. The Church of Natural Humans is a frightening vision of religious fanaticism.

It's an era of economic collapse. In the midst of all this lives a young man whose father's responsible for the virus that killed millions of people and caused a depression. David Brown must live with the consequences of his father's deeds. This includes mobs harassing him and throwing rocks through his windows. He has no friends. No one will befriend the son of a monster.

Now David has received a message left to him by his father before he died. His father tells him that he's not the one responsible for the virus. David tries to verify his father's words. Was he telling the truth?

David sets out on a search to find the truth. It's a dark and dangerous journey and he might not come out of it alive.

Unholy Domain is a sci-fi thriller that gives us a glimpse into a frightening future, one where religion and government both are out of control. It's a tale from out of our worst nightmares and will not only entertain but make you stop and think.

Unholy Domain is the author's second novel, his first being PeaceMaker.

Victoria Kennedy

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